Mafia Island is the beautiful island in the part of main land Tanzania. It is located 25 kms from the mainland and 130 kms from Dar es Salaam. Visit to this island is by using small aircraft in 35 minutes or 45 minutes from Zanzibar and the Selous Game Reserve.

Mafia comprises many small island and Island has unique history and is famous for its marine reserve. It is possible to see whale or swim with whale. It offer the best diving activities and amazing beach hide away. The island offer eco-friendly holidays and bring great impact to conservation of local heritage, Culture and marine environment.

You have to consider conservation of Local culture by wearing long and well body covered clothes while you are in the local places like airport or markets and visits some Villages. At beach area you are free to wear the relaxing clothes! Allow us to plan your Mafia Island holiday ranging 3 to 10 days or more includes Snorkeling, Whale watching, diving or swimming with whale! Before or After Safari in Selous, Serengeti or Masai Mara.


Mafia Island offers a huge varieties of day trips to complete your stay in this beautiful island of Tanzania.

  • Whale watching
  • Swimming with whale Sharks.
  • Snorkeling trip to the Marine
  • Fishing
  • Diving and Underwater
  • Sand banks
  • Heritage and Culture Tour of the Local

Our wealth of knowledge, personal involvements, connections of domestic flights and partners Mafia Hotels help to plan your dream holiday in Mafia Island. Choose to stay at Kinasi Lodge Mafia , Butiama Beach Lodge, Pole Pole Bungalows or Mafia Island Lodge , Chole Mjini Tree Lodge and if you only wants to stay in Mafia you can do it likes 3 days, 5 days, 7 days up 10 days or more after your Safari in Southern or Northern Tanzania or Kenya. Feel free to write us on our booking request!

Let explore Mafia Island in Zanzibar, Tanzania.