Is a small island that form Zanzibar (remember Zanzibar is made of Unguja and Pemba), its beautiful with white sands beach attract many visitors around the world for holidays, this island known as “Green Island”, visit to this Island is possible by using air or water ways. Flights are available every day from Zanzibar airport, Dar es Salaam or Arusha airport. It takes approximately 30 minutes to 55 minutes flight landing at Pemba Airport. We will let you know during the itinerary planning for your holiday.

It offers beautiful beach and hide away from the touristic places: to book your holiday to this Island you will have to consider this island is very unique and offer real relaxing and completely hide away holiday. It is best place for people who wants to enjoy more privacy to their honeymoon, couple who need better relaxing in less crowded places on Earth and Eco friendly holiday Island.

You have to consider conservation of Local culture by wearing long and well body covered clothes while you are in the local places like airport or markets and visits some Villages. At beach area you are free to wear the relaxing clothes.


  • The Flying fox of Pemba,
  • Ngezi National forest reserve,
  • Mesali Island Marine Park for Diving and Snorkeling trip.
  • Sand bank and Beach Trip.
  • Pemba Culture tour and Heritage
  • Big game Deep Sea fishing
  • Spice tour.

Our great knowledge, personal experiences, connections of domestic flights and partners Beach Hotels help to plan your dream holiday in Pemba Island. Choose to stay at Manta Resort 4*, Pemba Paradise 3*, Aiyana Resort 5*, Fungu Lagoon 5*, Pemba Eco lode 3* and if you only wants to stay in Pemba you can do it likes 3 days, 5 days, 7 days up 10 days or more after your Safari in Tanzania or Kenya. Feel free to write us on our booking request!

Let explore Pemba Island in Zanzibar Tanzania.